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Pick and Mix Stand Hire

The pick and mix stand hire is a delightful sweet treat at your event. Available to hire as an empty sweet stand ready to be filled with your own goodies, pre-filled for you. We have over 70 traditional pick and mix sweets to pick from including halal sweets and vegetarian or vegan sweets.

From £225 + VAT

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Pick n Mix Stand Hire

The pick and mix stand hire is a delightful sweet treat at your event. Available to hire as an empty stand ready to be filled with your own goodies, or full to the brim witheither 10 or 20 varieties of sweets from our pick and mix menu. The pick and mix stand comes ready with sweet bags and scoops – all you have to do is get stuck in!

Popular at corporate events, fetes and weddings, the pick and mix stand panels can be customised and branded to your needs too. We can add on ‘just married’ panels or add your company logo and branding. This product is really flexible and looks great at lots of different types of events. You can also go all out and add branded sweet bags to complete the look. Simply add this in to  your request and we’ll do the rest.

We have a large selection of pick and mix sweets to choose from including jelly beans, jelly babies, cola cubes, marshmallows, Bon Bon’s and chocolate mice. In fact we have over 70 variety of sweets to choose from! If you want to keep things simple, we have six pre-selected pick and mix menus which are our popular menu, retro menu, vegetarian menu, vegan menu, Halal menu and Christmas menu. Combine with some of our other sweet treats or mobile catering options to complete your event. Choose from our vintage sweet cart, chocolate fountain, candyfloss machine, popcorn machine or crepes cart alongside your pick and mix stand hire.


GREAT FOR: Weddings, Student Events, Corporate Events, Exhibitions, Product Launches, Birthday Parties

SET UP: Inside or outside – must be under cover

REQUIRES: Protection from rain or hot sun

COMBINE WITH: Popcorn, Slush Drinks, Bouncy Castle, LOVE Letters, Crazy Golf, Fererro Rocher Tower

SIZES: 0.92m (W) x 0.5m (L) x 1.7m (H)


Menu                    Half Stand (10 Varieties)       Full Stand (20 Varieties)       
Popular                £350 + VAT                              £520 + VAT                             
Retro                    £365 + VAT                              £550 + VAT                             
Vegetarian          £352 + VAT                              £530 + VAT                              
Vegan                  £350 + VAT                              £522 + VAT                                
Christmas           £395 + VAT                              £615 + VAT                              
Halal                    £385 + VAT                              £595+ VAT                             
Empty                 £225 + VAT

The pick and mix stand hire includes:

  • Traditional style pick and mix stand (20 bins)
  • 500 x 100g portions of pick and mix sweets (10-20 varieties depending on menu chosen)
  • Pick and mix bags
  • 8 scoops

The pick and mix stand hire includes the following optional extras:

  • Attendant (per hour) £27 + VAT
  • Additional day hire (dry hire) @ 50%
  • Overnight hire (collection before 10am) £50 + VAT

These are our standard pick and mix menus, subject to availability. Our full pick and mix stand comes with 20 varieties of pick and mix sweets, or our half stand comes with 10 varieties of pick and mix sweets:

Foam bananas, Fruit Lollies, Fun Mallows, Jumbo Jelly Beans, Jelly Babies, Cola Bottles, Juicy Lips, Chewy Stripes, Apple Belts, Wine Gums, Jelly Friendship Rings, Kola Cubes, Dolly Mixture, Fruit Chews, Giant Strawberries, Shrimps, Liquorice Allsorts, Strawberry Milkshake Bottles, Rosey Apples, Mallow Mix.

Mushrooms, Jelly Babies, Liquorice Allsorts, Drumstick lollies, Strawberry Bon Bons, Dolly Mixture, Refreshers, Mallow Mix, Juicy Lips, Shrimps, Fun Mallows, Jumbo Jelly Beans, Fizzy Cola Bottles, Foam Bananas, Fried Eggs, White Mice, Pear Drops, Fizzers, Flying Saucers, Double Lollies.

Fruit Drops, Jelly Hearts, Chocolate Limes, Mint Imperials, Small Peardrops, Jazzies, Fizzy Cola Bottles, Jumbo Beans, White Mice, Fizzy Cherries, Giant Strawberries, Fruity Sherberts, Fruit jellies, Orange and Lemon Lollies, Flying Saucers, Fizzy Bubblegum Balls, Strawberry Bon Bons, Fizzy Blue Jelly Babies, Sour Dummies, Kola Cubes.

Giant Snowies, Jelly Babies, Gold Milk Chocolate Coins, Milk Chocolate Éclairs, Milk Chocolate Raisins, Mallow Mix, Jelly Beans, Jumbo Fizzy Cola Bottles, Foam Bananas, Heros, Cadburys Roses, Giant Jelly Trees, Candy Canes, Santa Mallows, Pink and White Mice, Spinning Tops, Quality Street, Christmas Snow Jelly Mix, Christmas Tree Mallows.


Gummy Fish, Sour Candy Shocks, Strawberry Mini Mallows, Blue Raspberry Mini Mallows, Raspberry Laces, Watermelon Rings, Yellow Belly Snakes, Blue Raspberry Pencils, Mini Me Chews, Liquorice Bricks, Giant Crocs, Foam Strawberries, Apple and Custard Hearts, Peelable Threadz, Fizzy Bananas, Jelly Babies, Candy Watermelon, Jumbo Jelly Beans, Giant Gobstoppers, Popcorn mega Lollies, Raspberry Mega Lollies.


Jumbo Beans, Sherbert Dipdab, Sherbert Lemons, Mint Imperials, Candy Text Rolls, Strawberries and Creme, Fizzy Cola Bottles, Fruity Pops, Fruit Chews, Fizzy Cherries, Giant Strawberries, Fizzy Rolls, Football Fever Sweets, Candy Necklaces, Flying Saucers, Peach Rings, Hard Boiled Lime Sweets, Fizzy Blue Jelly Babies, Sour Dummies Vegan Marshmallows.

Our pick and mix stand comes with your choice from our standard menu, if you would like a bespoke selection of sweets please get in touch.

We can brand the top or sides of the pick and mix sweet stand as well as the paper sweet bags for serving.


At Leisure King we pride ourselves on excellent customer service and high quality products for hire for all event types. We are proud to have received a food hygiene rating of 5 for our mobile catering services at our most recent inspection.

“Thank you for your service. The pick and mix stand looked great, with a huge selection of sweets.

Really impressive. 

We will use you again for future events. “


We can provide mobile catering options, including our pick and mix stand hire, plus event entertainment, event games and mobile escape rooms across the whole of the UK. Leisure King are an events management team based in Dartford and Gravesend in Kent, giving us close access to the M25 and events in London. We can supply you with a pick n mix stand at your event in Maidstone, Tunbridge Wells, Ashford, Basildon, Brentwood, Canterbury, Southend, Chelmsford and beyond.

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